I in the Sky
by Raul Vincent Enriquez
Presented by chashama and the Durst Organization

I in the Sky comprises a street-level photo-booth at the chashama gallery, 112 West 44th Street, paired with the Condé Nast Lumacom. The Lumacom will broadcast digital portraits taken by photo-booth visitors and then animated by the artist to resemble flip-book images. Enriquez says, “I find portraits to be a timeless and accessible art form. The flip-book-style images I've been creating for years are moving image portraits derived from series of digital photographs. In each portrait, several photos are sequenced and animated, framed to create the impression of extreme eye contact. Eye contact is a form of nonverbal communication which has a pervasive influence on social behavior, a fact long exploited by advertisers. My goal is to restore a sense of real interaction, of individuality, connection, and community in Times Square.” The process will take about 20 minutes, will be free of charge for visitors, and the portraits will viewable even from the NJ side of the Hudson.


LCA 2008